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Why Burlap?

For centuries cultures around the world have relied on the Jute plant for its fibrous exterior to create strong, reliable burlap bags.  Think coffee beans, rice and grain.

The Jute plant is eco-friendly and sustainable grown in warm, humid climates.  It only takes 4 months to reach around 10-feet high, making it ready for harvest.

Before becoming burlap, the long, straight jute plants are cut at the base and soaked for a few days to loosen its fibrous exterior, which is then dried in the sun.  At a textile mill, the fibers are spun into yarn and finally woven into the burlap fabric.

Since it is a natural fiber, burlap will fully decompose, returning itself to the ground it came from.

US Burlap Bag products are proudly manufactured here in the United States.  We only source our burlap from organically grown, eco-friendly suppliers.

One of our goals is for our burlap bags to be used for everyday purchases including the supermarket, hardware store, and even your favorite restaurant take-out.

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About US Burlap Bag

US Burlap Bag Company is a small, family run business created in Kansas City, KS in 2011.  We decided to stop just talking about how to save the environment and act on it.  The tipping point came one afternoon after watching dozens of plastic shopping bags join tumbleweed blow across I-70 where thousands of acres of corn, wheat and soybeans were growing.

After researching eco-friendly options to replace those plastic bags, we didn’t stop there.  We decided to source natural, plant based inks with our bags in a complete commitment to the environment.

Some say it our American ingenuity and dream came together when we form US Burlap Bag Co.,  Who are we to argue?

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Burlap Bags, burlap bags from US Burlap Bag Company, reusable and washable. Custom printing available, commercial and retail.

Commercial & Wholesale Accounts Welcome

Custom printed burlap bags, Custom printing available for commercial and retail. Burlap bags, drawstring bags from US Burlap Bag Company, reusable and washable.

US Burlap Bag Co knows what it takes to do business in this economy: price and great customer service.  We create a win-win situation for you.  You win with a great product, and win with a matching price.

No job is too big or too small.

If you are looking for someone who respects intellectual property, can handle fast deadlines and can ship worldwide, US Burlap Bag Co is your strategic partner.

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