When you think of the word “burlap” you probably think of farmers or horses or even coffee bags. Seldom do people think about burlap as they should, in an endless creative way to use a bag over and over! Sourced from Organic growers, our burlap bags are in high demand. From country weddings to storage to reusable totes, burlap bags are a great way to set yourself, your products or your event apart.

Burlap Bags for Country Wedding Planners

There is nothing more in demand than a country wedding in a barn. Rustic and romantic, country weddings are all the rage as they should be. This in-demand wedding theme has many creative uses for items found in nature (wood, wildflowers, tree stumps) as well as natural elements like Burlap. As country wedding decorations you find burlap used as chair ties during the marriage ceremony, as table runners or table clothes, as part of the boutonniere and bridal bouquets, and small burlap bags filled with sweet treasures as guest momentous. It wouldn’t be a country wedding without burlap!

Brand your products with Burlap Bags

Companies or products looking to establish a brand are doing so with custom printed burlap bags. Burlap bags are a perfect way to protect your products as well as indicate to your customers that you care about the environment and your carbon footprint with your packaging. Custom labels further increase your branding opportunities. Local companies using burlap bags may choose to offer customers discounts for bringing the reusable burlap bag back to the store for more purchases. Show your commitment to your brand and the environment with product packaging using burlap bags.

Gift givingUse our burlap bags to brand a product, at a special event or as a gift wrap. US Burlap Bag, 1942 2nd Ave South, Suite E, St. Petersburg, FL 33712 has all the burlap bags you need.

Burlap bags in any size, make excellent packaging for gift giving. Since US Burlap bags come in a variety of sizes, they are perfect for a hostess gift when wine is the perfect complement to your invitation. Looking to pop the question with the ring she’s always dreamed of? Would she suspect such a beautiful gift if you placed it in a small burlap bag? Surprise! Perfume, a necklace, a pair of earrings, a leather notebook to write down dreams and aspirations, they all fit in one of our burlap bags. Your unique gift made, even more, unique wrapped in a reusable burlap bag.

When you think wedding, special event or branding your product, consider using a burlap bag from US Burlap. A variety of sizes and custom printing to make the statement you are looking to make!