Fundraising can be a challenge because a school, charity or organization is competing with so many others for a share of public donation dollars. Offering potential contributors something they can use in return for their generosity can help significantly. Packaging items in an Fundraising made better with custom printed cotton muslin bags and backpacks. State Line Bag Co can provide you with a perfect fundraising element to win over customers for more fundraising support and dollars.attractively decorated muslin or burlap fundraising bag will, without a doubt, help increase sales.

Holding a bake sale, for a school,  scout troop, local club or group is an age-old and commonly used fundraiser. History shows that selling cookies and other baked goods for profit works. Try packing the goodies in a custom printed reusable cotton fundraising bags and see the products sell faster, and the profit margins expand. Choose a bag size to fit your products.

If you are raising money for a local animal shelter or other animal welfare groups consider a canine bakery. Package the inexpensive to make; baked dog treats in a little drawstring doggie bag that will be reused which increases the chances  of keeping your cause in the public eye long afterward.

Ecological causes are perfect uses fpr burlap fundraising bags. The bags are reusable, re-purposeful and eco-friendly. The jute is organically grown in the U.S. Use your design and add the green recycling logo and the name of the cause, to the bags. They can be used to hold wildflower seeds,  bird seed, flower bulbs, small live shrubs and trees for Earth day, or even super-efficient LED light bulbs. Going green and using natural muslin or burlap bags are a perfect eco-friendly combination.

Fundraising just got a little easier with a reusable cotton back pack for walk-a-thons and other fundraising events. Call State Line Bag Co for more fundraising promotional ideas and bags. Muslin drawstring bags are available in 16 x 20-inch backpacks. Custom printed with the name and logo of your cause, participants can wear them in walk-a-thons to carry water, snacks, and handouts. Better yet, choose eye-catching colors and designs!

Offering products in attractive natural drawstring cotton muslin or burlap bags for your fundraising event benefits the cause of course, but also the recipient and the environment. Your supporters receive something of worth for their donation, and reusing the bags curbs the use of paper products, saving trees and reducing landfill waste. Stateline Bag Company, the leading producer of cotton muslin and burlap bags, is here to help further your cause and also protecting the environment. We have team members in place ready to help you design the right custom printed cotton muslin or burlap bags for your fundraiser.

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