So your company needs to come up with a new idea for promotional giveaway item and you’d like to do something fresh, unique and it needs to be something that will be used and seen. US Burlap Bag has what you need; Burlap Bags are the perfect promotional item.

100% organically sourced, our burlap bags are a unique giveaway, and will go a long way toward ensuring your company is cool and unique. With in-house custom screen printing, you’ll be able to put your logo on a bag that will get used in public and will be seen by a lot of people. US Burlap bags are high-quality and can be used again and again without falling apart or looking worn. In fact, our bags can be used for many years. At the same time, with the wholesale pricing, they’re extremely cost effective. Order as many as you need with custom screen printing. Your company will have an outstanding promotional item giveaway without having to spend a large amount of money.Custom printing for promotional burlap bags is available at US Burlap Bag, 1942 2nd Ave South, Suite E, St. Petersburg, FL 33712

Promotional Burlap Bags for your next event

The fact that burlap bags are something you can use every day makes them valuable as a giveaway. We know they’re unique and useful. Consumers today are interested in doing what they can for the environment and a burlap bag makes a statement that they do indeed care about the world we all live in. In the process, your brand/ logo will get the exposure you need.

US Burlap Bag keeps a large amount of inventory on hand. They’re able to handle large bulk orders and get them shipped to you right away. You can order them directly from the US Burlap Bag Web store. Even with custom screen printing, your order could reach you in less than two weeks.

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